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Marble Threshold Details

Marble thresholds are an ideal way to blend two different types or colors of flooring together. By choosing the correct marble threshold for your home, you can happily blend wood, carpet, or tile in to each other, even if the colors of these floors are completely different. The unique composition of marble allows you to do this, while giving a real sense of elegance and style.
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Crema Polished Marble Threshold 4 1/2"x36"x5/8" - Double Hollywood Bevel
Our Price: $47.95
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Crema Polished Marble Threshold 4 1/2"x36"x5/8" - Double Hollywood Bevel
Double Hollywood Bevel is a 1-3/8" Bevel on 2 long sides of the threshold. Threshold is 5/8" thick on top level and chamfers down to 3/8" thickness on edge. Bevels and the top surface of the thresholds are polished. All natural stones are products of nature. The picture seen is for representation only. Natural Color and shades will vary from one piece to another. No two pieces of products will be alike.
As well as providing style, the strength of marble thresholds makes them an ideal material compared to wood or stone thresholds. Marble is also much more resistant to damp than wood or stone, which often become water damaged when used as a bathroom floor threshold.

Marble thresholds vary in plenty of ways, including texture, colors, and bevel. However, each threshold will be completely unique thanks to the metamorphic creation of the Marble textures on your threshold. Marble threshold details vary quite significantly from piece to piece.

Choosing the right marble for your home usually comes down to the colors which match, and the strength of the patterns to suit your own tastes.

White marble is the most common color of marble to be used, it can often be found with darker veins which blend perfectly with wooden floors and tiled floors, making it a perfect style for a marble threshold leading to a bathroom.

Using marble for the home such as marble thresholds used to be expensive. Now, however, marble prices have dropped significantly.

Often marble thresholds are beveled to raise the marble threshold above the level of the flooring around it. Marble threshold details such as this are incredibly useful, since they not only accentuate the different rooms, while blending the style, but they can also help to prevent water spillages in a bathroom spreading to the flooring in the next room.  

Bevels on a marble threshold usually have a shallow gradient to prevent slips or stubbed toes.  This bevel also gives a bit more definition to your marble threshold, making it stand out a little more. This accentuation draws a visitor’s attention towards the marble threshold details, and away from the different floor types of the surrounding rooms, further helping the marble threshold blend the styles of your home.

Looking for the right marble threshold details to suit your home can often be a challenging task, however with the wide range of marble threshold styles, colors and bevel cuts you will nearly always be able to find the perfect marble threshold for your home.