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Wood Floor Saddle vs. Marble Floor Saddle

Floor saddles, also called thresholds, are good ways to make a smooth transition from hard floor surfaces such as wood or tile to carpet. They provide a safe bridge between the different types of flooring, keeping us from tripping over the raised surfaces, and can also keep dirt from slipping in the cracks between such surfaces as tile and wood. The small detail of what sort of saddle to install can often be overlooked, but even the smallest detail can add a lovely look to your home's flooring and decor. Saddles can come in wood, metal, or marble...but how do you choose which material to go with?
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Crema Polished Marble Threshold 6"x36"x5/8" - Double Standard Bevel
Our Price: $44.95
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Crema Polished Marble Threshold 6"x36"x5/8" - Double Standard Bevel
A Standard Bevel is a 1/4" x 1/4" Bevel on 2 long sides of the threshold. Bevels and the top surface of the thresholds are polished. All natural stones are products of nature. The picture seen is for representation only. Natural Color and shades will vary from one piece to another. No two pieces of products will be alike.
Metal is not used as often as it used to be, due to its lack of aesthetic appeal. In the modern home, the top two choices tend to be wood or marble. When it comes to placing a saddle against a wood floor, wood can be a good choice as it can be easily matched in color and type. It can provide a seamless transition, making the saddle next to invisible as though the floor flows directly into the carpeting. Adding a marble saddle, however, can give the room a beautiful and rich finish. Marble is often equated with Italian or Roman styles of decor, and can add this touch of detail to your own home's decor. Wood saddles are limited in their color and variety, while marble comes in a myriad of colors and patterns, in both neutrals and contrasts, which can be suited to and compliment just about any decor and color scheme. In rooms such a kitchens or bathrooms, where we often see ceramic and other styles of tile, marble can be a perfect addition. Many say it gives the bathroom a spa-like feel with a cool and smooth finish. In rooms such as bedrooms or the living area, wood can give it a homey, cozy feel of the traditional home.  

Both materials can be easily found and purchased in big home improvement stores, specialty floor and tile stores, and even online shops. While it used to be harder to find marble thresholds, they are now more widely used and very affordable. Whether you decide to go with marble or wood in choosing your floor saddle, they are both fine choices that can update and improve the look of your home and flooring.